POD Light Fixture


POD Light Fixture

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POD Light Fixture For Use With Roscolene Color Inserts

For the convenience of those who do not want to build their own light fixture, Products on Demand offers a Par Style lighting fixture. This fixture has a standard screw base socket inside and works with any normal household light bulb. It is well ventilated to prevent heat buildup that would damage the color filters. The unit has a mounting bracket which allows for precise aiming of the light and can be attached to a table, a door, or a chair with a clamp (available at a local hardware store) or can be mounted on a tripod light stand.

The fixture is approximately 7″ in diameter and 8″ in length and is supplied complete with a 6-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ metal frame which holds the color media. #Note, bulb not supplied. Use either 25 or 40 WATT standard household bulb.


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